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Applicants must be graduates of the Saudi Arabia secondary school system (or its equivalent) with a grade of "very good" and above. Applicants must have satisfactorily passed English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and other subjects and this should be evident in their high school diplomas. Selection of successful applicants will be finalized after the applicants have submitted or done the following.

i)   An application-for-admission form
ii)  An aptitude test
iii) An interview
iv) Official transcript of high school grades of subjects studied
v)  Two letters of recommendation 

Under some circumstances, the college administration may consider waiving any or all of the above normal requirements. A first degree holder, who otherwise qualifies for admission on the basis of his or her high school diploma, may apply to join the undergraduate training in a professional program at an advanced standing. Such an admission shall be on a case to case basis.


Registration is held normally at the same time that Higher Institutions of learning in the Kingdom commence registration which is early summer (for early registration) or at least a month before instructions commence (late registration). Registration process requires evidence of payment of prescribed fees and the completion of various forms, papers and documents as demanded by the College Administration. It is the policy of the college that all the required financial obligations are met before a student is permitted to attend classes, laboratories, clinics and library and student social amenities.


As a health institution, the College believes that prevention is better than cure. Accordingly, each student is required to show evidence of immunization against measles, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis B. A tuberculin test is advised but not demanded. These requirements are in line with the Kingdom's laws and regulations on preventive diseases control in schools, colleges and universities.


Students are normally protected by the nation's policies on health. Each student should be sure that he or she is fully covered and protected on health matters.


The College is a private institution which is privately supported financially hence all students must normally pay all the stipulated fees as and when due. The College currently does not have a scholarship or grants-in-aid scheme. Financial aid in the form of loans, scholarships and limited assistance may be available in future. Students who enroll in the College should therefore, have sufficient funds to meet all their obligations for tuition, books, feeding transportation and other school-related activities.

As at this time in the growth of the College, The programs being offered are in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Dental Hygiene.