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Riyadh College

  * Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCDP) is a privately supported Institution located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The permanent site of the College which is on King Fahad Road, Riyadh, is presently being developed. When the eleven-floor permanent building is completed, it will have 44,000 square meters of usable floor space.
    The College was officially approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer professional degree programs in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, as well as Diploma programs in Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Pharmacy Assisting. 
    The College is open to male and female applicants who meet the admission requirements. Separate teaching sessions are held for males and females daily. The College is not just a new institution of courses, laboratories, classrooms, library facilities and offices. It is people; people who aspire to make significant contribution to the health of the community and the country. The students should expect to find friendly administrative and academic staff who are committed to the noble goal of making available to enrolled students the best education that the college could offer in dentistry, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology and other allied health sciences. 

The mission of the College is to educate, train and graduate young men and women, Saudis and non-Saudis alike, to become highly qualified health care providers in Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences for the community and the whole nation. The Saudi Health Council has also approved the college for awarding Diplomas in Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technology and Pharmacy Assisting.

GOALS OF THE COLLEGE                                                  
The goals of the College are:

1) Training enrolled students to graduate as exceptionally competent professionals who have combined a strong base of biological sciences and an outstanding clinical education in Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences.

2) Inculcating in the student a life-long commitment to the health and well-being of patients.

3) Making the students acquire the skills and develop the attitude that would-be-professionals must have to sustain their interest in scientific research, continuing education activities and meetings of their professionals associations during their active professional life.